Additional miles since last Log In*

If you logged 40 miles last month and now have 100 miles for the year, 60 miles would be your additional miles since last log in.
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Mileage Club Rules:

  1. You earn $5 in Trek Store Battle Creek Gift Cards per 100 miles ridden.
  2. You must have a working cycling computer on your bike.
  3. Miles must be entered by the 2nd Saturday of the month after miles are ridden.
  4. Mileage club dollars may be used to pay for up to 50% of any purchase at Trek Store Battle Creek.
  5. Mileage club dollars cannot be redeemed for cash.
  6. Mileage club membership lasts for a 365 day duration starting from day of purchase.

The 5 Ws of Getting Paid To Ride Your Bike:


The Mileage Club was initiated to get more people on more bikes more often. It was designed with everyone in mind.


The Mileage club pays people to ride their bike.


 Just to add a little motivation to go the extra mile. If we motivate one person per year to commute by bike or take the kids for a ride, we will consider the mileage club a successs


 You can ride anywhere. Inside or out as long as you have a working cycling computer to keep track of the distance you ride.


 The mileage club is active all year. There is an annual membership fee and your membership will expire one year from the day you join but the mileage club dollars you earn don’t expire.

 Added benefits

 Team Active mileage club members receive 10% off of all clothing and accessory purchases at Team Active either on line or in the store. There are monthly mileage club specials as well.